Funeral insurance

We help you in the most difficult moments.

Our commitment is to offer you the most convenient funeral services for you and yours, as well as for any type of need. We offer you security and tranquility, with the best support in the market.


Direct cremation

Cremation services for the remains of loved ones. Our clients trust in our professional services, that is why we constantly look for the best solutions for them.

Cremation with wake

We adjust to your needs. A simple call… and you are insured! We save you time by issuing the insurance of your choice quickly and easily.

Direct burial

At Velásquez Insurance Agent we support you with what really matters. Direct burial generally costs less than a “traditional” full service funeral.

Traditional burial

We efficiently cover all the moments of a traditional funeral. We stand out for innovating in the assistance provided to the relatives and loved ones of a deceased person.

Repatriation to the country of origin

This type of funeral service will be provided if the family wishes, the procedures vary by country and it is generally carried out by the funeral home before the corresponding consulate.

More services

Our portfolio of funeral insurance solutions is very broad. Do you have any questions? Call us at +1 (281) 701-9399. We will gladly assist you and answer all your questions.

Experience and quality at your fingertips
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Honor the lives of your loved ones

When you buy final expense life insurance or funeral insurance you get:

  • Coverage from the first month.
  • Price frozen (in funeral insurance).
  • Policy that generates interest (in life insurance).
  • Fixed fees that never go up.
  • You decide the time to pay your policy 3, 5 or 7 years.

* When you finish paying the years you decide, the policy is yours for life!

* Restrictions apply.

For your peace of mind and the tranquility of your family

The costs of a funeral service include:

  • Basic services of the funeral director and staff.
  • Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home.
  • Preparation and embalming.
  • Change of clothes and makeup of the deceased.
  • Use of facilities and personnel during the service and ceremony at the funeral home or church.
  • Hearse.
  • A coffin.
  • Ashes urn.
  • About box / Liner.
  • Death certificate (s).
  • Graveyard.
  • Ash niche or deposit.
  • Church, clergy, or pastor fees.
  • Open and close the land in the cemetery.
  • Other important but not essential services.
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