Real Testimonials From Satisfied Clients.

At Velásquez Insurance Agent we can tell you about how good we are, and the excellent results that we provide to our clients, however we prefer that our own clients share their experience with us.

In this section we present some real testimonials that prove that Life Insurance with living Benefits does work. Please decide today and ensure your peace of mind and the tranquility of your family.

Dora Martinez

I never imagined that there was a service accessible to everyone! Thank you very much for sharing such good information, I am more at ease knowing that I will not leave debts to my children and family. Thank you!

Sra. Marta González

On behalf of my family, and on my own behalf, I want to express my sincere thanks to all that great team. It is fair to recognize the great professionalism and human quality of the people with whom we have dealt. Thanks for your diligence!

María Vargas

I am a 55 year old mother! The best thing about this plan is that despite having diabetes and blood pressure, they rated me 100% and with a very affordable monthly fee.

Guadalupe Montero

I did not know where to start or what to do, but my neighbor recommended that I talk to you, so they explained the whole process and the benefits of this funeral plan to me. It was very easy for me to understand and it helped me to organize my family's funeral services on time. I recommend them as they have good plans and low monthly fees.

José Vázquez

I want to thank you for the treatment I received when my mother passed away. The insurer always acted respectfully and quickly. The whole family has commented that with your sensitivity, we have felt protected and cared for in those painful moments.

Roberto Morales

I hope you continue to help the Latin community for a long time to come. I recommend your services as a funeral service insurer; The service is really worth preparing ahead of time, God bless you and it goes very well for you because you deserve it. A hug!

Margarita Tenorio

I greatly appreciate that the policy paid for my husband's funeral services. Everything was easier and with the funeral plan that we acquired I was able to satisfy my husband's desire to be taken to Mexico.

Guadalupe Montero

I want to thank you for the great attention and support to carry out the funeral of my uncle Pedro Jiménez. My family is very grateful for the attention and speed with which the funeral policy was processed and the professionalism of their insurance agent. We will never forget the good deal!

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