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We provide you with the means so that you can fully ensure the well-being and future of your family with our life insurance with benefits in life. We have different payment options and flexibility regarding the insured amount.


Obtaining your policy is very simple, you just have to follow a few simple steps. Are you ready to apply for your coverage? Contact us today.

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Life Insurance with Life Benefits.

Here’s how the benefits in life are described:

  • Chronic diseases: they are long-lasting diseases, it is usually considered chronic when it lasts more than 6 months. They are those diseases that prevent us from being able to carry out two of the six daily activities of life such as: eating, washing, dressing, moving around, controlling the sphincter and bathing.
  • Serious illnesses: These illnesses include stroke, cancer diagnosis, kidney failure, organ transplantation and heart attacks, severe burns, etc.
  • Terminal illnesses: Are those injuries or illnesses that are advanced, progressive or incurable, from which no response to treatment is obtained and can reduce life expectancy to 12 months or less.

* This policy also acts as a savings account as it accumulates money for your retirement.

Availability of using the cash value of your Life Insurance to buy a home.

You can access the policy’s cash value through a withdrawal or as a loan from the insurance company using the policy as collateral. If you make a withdrawal, your policy values ​​will be immediately reduced by the amount of the withdrawal. If you take out a loan, depending on the type of insurance you have, the value of your policy can continue to increase.

You are not obligated to repay the loan or the interest on the loan during your lifetime. However, if you choose not to do so, any outstanding loan balance will reduce the amount of the death benefit payable to your beneficiary.

What happens if you cannot pay your Life Insurance premium.

If your insurance protection is term life, you will have a grace period to make the payment. If at the end of the grace period you have not made a payment, your policy will expire and you will no longer be covered.

If your insurance protection is permanent life insurance, you will have a grace period to pay your premium plus some additional options. Your policy may have enough cash value to pay the premium for those policy values. Just keep in mind that using the policy values ​​and benefits to pay the premium due will reduce the policy’s cash value and death benefit, and may increase the risk of the policy expiring. If you do not have enough cash value to pay your policy premiums, you may have the option of reducing your face amount to a level that does not require payment of a premium.

Most importantly, if you are having trouble making your payment, contact the insurance company’s customer service area. They will be able to provide you with specific options for your policy.

Should you buy life insurance for your son / daughter?

The idea of ​​buying life insurance for your child is something that no one wants to consider because it forces us to consider the unthinkable. But buying a policy for a child is not just about having financial protection for example for tuition or university since these policies generate Profits; it is about securing the financial future of the child. Children generally do not have to go through a medical underwriting process; parents simply answer some medical questions. As long as the policy remains in force, the child will always have life insurance.

Most of today’s insurance policies also offer riders that will allow the child to increase their insurance coverage when they reach a certain age in life.

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